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Need a Speaker or Workshop Leader?

Ted Burbank is the author of six books and seven CDs based upon his company’s successful sale of more than 2,000 private businesses (Revenues between $100,000 and $50 Million).  Ted is a Certified Business Intermediary, Fellow of the International Business Broker Assoc., Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach. Each 30 to 90 minute presentation or one to two day workshop can be tailored to meet your organization’s individual needs.  Call or email for more information and to schedule Ted at your next meeting or event.  508.596.5926  

Ted has conducted workshops and seminars for Business Groups, Trade Associations and Franchisors in this country, Canada and Abroad on subjects relating to Small and Mid-Size Business: Sales and Acquisition, Valuation, Wealth Building Exit Strategies 

Here are a few of the topics Ted can address

 “Wealth Building Exit Strategies for Owners of Private Companies”

Prepare to cash the biggest check of your life

The presentation will illustrate how to put adventure and excitement into the eventual sale of your business.  Significant increases in a company’s valuation can be obtained in short order without having to increase profits.  Several of the Tips can add hundreds of thousands to your valuation immediately. Learn how to leave your business in style with a pile and in the hands of new ownership that can bring your business to the next level. 

 Here’s a testimonial that illustrates the results of implementing just one of the Ted’s tips.

“I decided to follow one of the wealth building tips in Ted’s book “Wealth Building Exit Strategies.” 

 The tip* illustrated how I could both; 

      1) Increase the value of my business and

      2) Add to my earnings while I prepared the business for sale.

The results: I increased the value of my business by a little more than two million dollars and made an extra two hundred thousand dollars during the time it took to sell it (1 year).  Now that’s how to put fun and profit into selling your business.”

Ken Nelson, Marshfield, MA

*This tip is found on pg 72 of Wealth Building Exit Strategies

How to Sell Your Business for the Most Money

(Before anyone knows it’s for sale)

The presentation outlines a Revolutionary New 3 Step Process to Insure you Sell your Business for the Most Money Quickly and Quietly to the entity qualified to insure your business flourishes under the new management.

But First, a Sobering Fact - Most businesses will never be sold!  Studies reveal the unsettling reality that a majority (perhaps 80%) of all private businesses loose a dramatic amount of value in a short period of time shortly before attempting a sale.  The overwhelming majority of once valuable businesses loose so much value that they usually end up being "Sold" for Liquidation Value of the Business's Assets only.  The presentation illustrates how to avoid this “Invisible Tragedy.”

This presentation will reveal a Revolutionary New Process for selling a business for the most money.  A process that is dramatically more effective than the ineffective sales model used by essentially everyone when attempting to sell a private company. Even Business Brokers, using the traditional business sales model, are successful less than 25% of the time.  Those using our new “Three Step Approach” enjoy a success rate of 90%+ in not only selling the company but also obtaining premium value for their business.

What’s Your Business Really Worth?

It doesn’t only depend on how much money you make

"A business may be deemed worthless by one yet be worth millions to another!"   The presentation reveals why this is so and how to put this reality to work for you.   Why the value of a business earning $100K for its ownership can range from $100K to the Millions! Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true and Ted will illustrate why and also, how you can benefit from this information.

Why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. The subtle reasons why size and organizational structure can matter more than earnings when determining a business’s value are explained and illustrated with case studies.  The key elements impacting the value of a private business are illustrated. 

Additionally, business valuation rules of thumb and a business valuation matrix, to give attendees an understanding of what their business might be worth, are provided.

Grow Through Acquisition of Profitable and Un-Profitable Businesses

Identify and acquire ideal acquisitions even if they are not for sale

Public Company CEOs focus is upon Value while Private Company owner’s focus on Earnings.  This presentation will illustrate how the application of methods used by Public company CEOs to increase value, and perhaps earnings as well, can be readily employed by Private company owners. 

One of these tactics, growth through acquisition, can produce dramatic valuation increases in very short order. The presentation will illustrate how even the smallest private company can take a page out of Public Company CEOs play book and focus on value creation as well as increasing earnings. 

Determine the Real Earnings of Any Business, Even Cash Businesses

Use actual IRS Field Audit Guides and methods to reveal Real Earnings

As you are fully aware, owner’s of Private Companies and their accountants work diligently to minimize declared income on their tax returns in order to minimize taxes.  Determining the real earnings for a Private Company therefore, is sometimes difficult, especially if it is a Cash business.  This presentation will lead you through the process of determining a company’s real earnings using the same methods the Internal Revenue Service uses.

This presentation is designed for non-financial professionals and is presented in clear, plain, shirt sleeve English and not accounting jargon or code that is understood only by members of the "Financial Circle." 

How to Become the Best Business Broker in Town

Sell 9+ of 10 of your listings, obtain more referrals, sell larger companies

The presentation walks you through the evolution of the process that produces superior results:

·         9+ of  10 businesses sell - Up from the industry standard of 1 in 6  

1 business sold for every 6 buyers interviewed - Up from the usual 1 business sold for every 30 buyers 


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