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More on the Business Selling System 

You know how to make money with your business.  Our Business Selling System  will show you how to make your business more valuable.  Public Companies CEOís have their Investment Bankers to assist them in building their companyís value.  As you probably know, building value is generally more important to these CEOs than are company earnings. Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to start paying attention to your company's value.

Are you Building your Businessí Value or are you Just Making Money?

We want you to benefit from what we have learned since 1979 by our participation in the sale of more than two thousand (2,000) businesses.  We want to show you how to build value and wealth in addition to making money by applying the Wealth Creating Techniques for Private Companies that are part of  our Business Selling System.

You might think of our Business Selling System as your Private Company Investment Banker on a CD ROM.  The System is meant to help you make your business more valuable and, when the time is right, sell it to the right buyer for the most money.

You do not have to increase profits in order to increase Value  

For example: The principles outlined in the Business Selling System helped one firm increase the value of their company from an appraised one million dollars to a sale price of five million in less than two years.   Incredible as it may sound their earnings and balance sheet values remained essentially the same.  Thatís right - an increase in value of Four Million Dollars without an increase in earnings -- and to top it off, the sale was for CASH!   Our Business Selling System should be especially valuable to you if you will be considering the sale of your business within the next few years. 

An entire chapter of the book addresses how you can increase the value of your business without having to increase profits.  Most of the value enhancing suggestions can be implemented quickly and easily with little or no cost involved.  It is not uncommon for business owners to double the value of their business in less than a year simply by using the insider secrets the Tool Kit reveals. 

We want to help you attract a buyer that will pay you the most money 
when you decide itís time to sell  

One of the principles the Business Selling System  employs is based upon the reality that different buyers will pay different prices.  A business may be deemed worthless by one yet be worth millions to another.  Ironically, the buyer that essentially every business owner, accountant, attorney and novice broker or intermediary chooses to approach first will usually be the worst choice.  The buyer they all instinctively choose never pays a fair price and seldom will maintain confidentiality.  The book will explain how you can readily recognize and avoid this and other inappropriate buyers.

Breaching confidentiality can destroy company value if the breach causes key employees to leave for fear of loosing their job after the sale.  In other cases a breach of confidentiality will cause customers to loose confidence or allow competitors to take advantages. In essentially every case, a failure to maintain confidentiality will result in reducing value or, in extreme cases, cause the business to fail.

"Sell it but don't let anyone know it's for sale"

Maintaining confidentiality is extremely important if you want to get top dollar for your business.  That is why the book devotes an entire chapter on how to sell your business without anyone knowing it was for sale until after the sale is completed.  Usually employees first know the company was sold when they are introduced to the new owners the day of or the after the closing. The book outlines the procedure to follow so you can sell your business quickly and quietly.

As stated above, different buyers will pay different prices.  The trick is to know how to identify the differences between the four types active in today's marketplace for private companies.  How do the the four types determine value?  What turns them on?  What turns them off?  Would you believe that the primary motivations to buy are not financial!  Don't misunderstand what we are saying.  Money is important but it is typically not the primary motivation to buy.  A sale occurs only when motivations are satisfied. The book examines and explains how motivations vary by type of buyer and illustrates the impact motivations and perspectives have on a buyer's perception of value.

Different buyers will pay different prices.  
Only the right buyer will pay the right price

A successful sale at the best price depends upon your ability to identify the buyer that is right for your business.  Only the right buyer will pay the right price.  Only the right buyer will have what is needed to take your business to the next level.  Only the right buyer will enhance the future prospects for your business.  I realize that this focus on the type of buyer is not your typical MBA's approach to the sale of a private company.  It does reflect however, the hands on experience gained in selling more than 2,000 private businesses.  

Four chapters, one for each type of buyer, will describe the different motivations and perspectives that these buyers bring to their acquisition process. You will see how they determine value and how to apply this insight in positioning your business so as to obtain the highest and best value.  The book provides the insight and the Buyer Identification and Business Valuation portion of the software crunches the numbers to calculate the range of value these buyers can be predicted to pay for your business.  Examples of business valuations for small through large private businesses (size does matter) are included on the Business Selling System Tool Kit's  CD-Rom for your review.


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