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Site One

Link Text: Businesses for sale by owners  Links to:  

Body Text:  Find a business to buy or list your business for sale. Tips and resources to help you buy, sell or correctly value a small business.

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Other links you can trade with us: (this will give you a total of four links coming into your site to help you pass up the competition) PLUS: If you have more than one site, you can double or triple the effectiveness of link trading by doing this on all your sites. 


Site Two

Link Text: Tools to Buy, Sell or Value a  Business  Links to: 

Body Text:  Extensive collection of books, software, articles, tips and other resources to help you buy, sell and accurately value a small business. 


Site Three

Link Text: Business Valuation Software   Links to:

Body Text: Business valuation software for the non-financial entrepreneur - CPAs and non financial professionals alike find this software and book combination an extremely valuable resource.


Site Four

Link Text:  M&A Support Services   Links to: 

Body Text:  Lighthouse Financial, LLC is a financial advisory firm dedicated to providing Independent and Comprehensive Business Valuations and Mergers & Acquisitions Support Services to Brokers,  Intermediaries,  Accountants,  Banks, Consultants, Financial Planners,  Attorneys, and other Professionals.   

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