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Buying a Business Books

How to: Find, Investigate, Finance and 
Buy Your Ideal Business,
Pay a Fair Price 
Theodore P Burbank, FCBI; Paperback; Buy New: $65.00

In & Out of Business. . . Happily
Theodore P. Burbank, FCBI; Paperback, $65.00


How to Buy a Great Business With No Cash Down
Arnold S. Goldstein; Paperback; Buy New: $29.95


Success in Store: 
How to Start or Buy a Retail Business, 
Enjoy Running It and Make Money

by Geoffrey Heard, Gordon Woolf

Edition: Paperback


Franchise Bible : 
How to Buy a Franchise or Franchise Your Own

Erwin J. Keup; Paperback; Buy New: $27.95


Smart Things to Know 
About Mergers and Acquisitions

Tony Grundy; Paperback; Buy New: $19.95


Successful Corporate Acquisitions: 
A Complete Guide for Acquiring Companies 
for Growth and Profit

Jerold Freier; Hardcover; Buy New: $84.00


Buy-Ins and Buy-Outs:
New Strategies in Corporate Management (International Management Series)

Mike Wright; Hardcover; Buy New: $131.50

No Cover

The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions: Managing Collisions Between People, Cultures, and Organizations 
(The Jossey-Bass Management Series)

Anthony F. Buono; Hardcover; Buy New: $37.95


Buy-Sell Agreement Handbook: 
Plan Ahead for Changes in the 
Ownership of Your Business

Anthony Mancuso; Paperback; Buy New: $33.99


220 Best Franchises to Buy: 
The Essential Sourcebook for Evaluating 
the Best Franchise Opportunities

Lynie Arden; Paperback; Buy New: $13.97


Management Buy-Outs and Venture Capital : 
Into the Next Millennium

Mike Wright; Hardcover; Buy New: $120.00


A Basic Guide for 
Buying and Selling a Company

Wilbur M. Yegge; Paperback; Buy New: $16.97


Making Mergers Work: 
A Guide to Managing Mergers and Acquisitions

Price Pritchett; Hardcover; Buy New: $41.85

cover Small Business Primer: 
How to Buy, Sell & Evaluate a Business

Samuel S. Tuttle; Hardcover; Buy New: $95.00

Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook 
for Small and Midsize Companies

Thomas L. West; Hardcover; Buy New: $215.00


International Mergers and Acquisitions : 
A Country-by-Country Tax Guide (International Mergers and Acquisitions)

Robert Feinschreiber; Hardcover; Buy New: $150.00


So You Want to Buy a Small Hotel!: A Guide
Joanne Muller; Paperback; Buy New: $16.95

No Cover

 Buying in: 
A Complete Guide to Acquiring 
a Business or Professional Practice


Acquisition Strategy and Implementation: 
Strategy and Implementation (Macmillan Business)

Nancy Hubbard; Hardcover; Buy New: $69.95

cover The Management of People 
in Mergers and Acquisitions

Teresa A. Daniel; Hardcover; Buy New: $99.95

Buying and Selling Businesses : 
Including Forms, Formulas, and Industry Secrets

by William W. Bumstead

Edition: Hardcover


The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions : 
Process Tools to Support M&A Integration at Every Level 
(Jossey-Bass Business & Management Series)

by Timothy J. Galpin, et al


Applied Mergers and Acquisitions 
(Wiley Finance) [Published in English]

by Robert F. Bruner, Joseph R. Perella


Mergers, Acquisitions, and 
Corporate Restructurings, 3rd Edition

by Patrick A. Gaughan

Edition: Hardcover


Merger & Acquisitions: 
Business Strategies for Accountants

Joseph M. Morris; Hardcover; Buy New: $130.00

 No Cover

Business Transfers: 
An Accountant's and Attorney's Guide

Arnold S. Goldstein; Hardcover; Buy New: $105.00

Selling Your Business Successfully: 
Tips, Strategies, and Tools

Rexford E. Umbenhaur; Paperback; Buy New: $24.95


Mergers and Acquisitions: 
A Guide to Creating Value for Stake Holders

Michael A. Hitt; Hardcover; Buy New: $27.50


A Practical Guide to Acquisitions : 
How to Increase Your Chances of Success

Denzil Rankine; Paperback; Buy New: $39.95

No Cover

Management Buy-Outs
Bryan De Caires; Hardcover; Buy New: $129.50

No Cover

How to Buy or Sell a Travel Agency
Tom Ogg; Hardcover; Buy New: $29.95

No Cover

Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors Directory: The Ultimate Guide to Locate Venture Capitalists & Angel Investors to Start a Business, Buy a Business or Expand an Existing Business
Staff) (Staff); Paperback; Buy New: $15.37

No Cover

Equity Finance: 
Venture Capital, Buyouts, Restructurings, and Reorganizations (Business Practice Library)

Joseph W. Bartlett; Hardcover;


Mergers and Acquisitions : 
Business Strategies for Accountants, 2003 Cumulative Supplement

Joseph M. Morris; Paperback; Buy New: $65.00

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