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Business Valuation and 
Transaction Structuring Software
for Small to Middle Market Companies

Easy to use.  
Simply enter one page of data from tax returns or accounting statements, answer a few questions and make some decisions and the software does the rest.  It couldn't be easier or more simple.  The program, although years in development, will provide your valuation in minutes.

Size does matter
One size does not fit everyone; and neither does one approach to business valuation.  That's why EZbizPRICER 2.0 produces values, transaction structures and fairness testing for the three size categories of private businesses - all at the same time.  The three Size and Business Structure categories can be briefly described as follows:
  • Middle Market -- Generally Private companies with well defined Corporate structure and earnings in the low millions
  • Mid-Size -- Private companies with Corporate structure developing.  Owner has delegated many management functions to others - earnings typically from $250,000 to the early Millions.  
  • Main Street -- Commonly referred to as "Mom and Pop" - Business owner wears essentially all the hats - Earnings usually under $250,000

15 valuation methods
Yes, EZbizPRICER 2.0 simultaneously produces three business valuations using 15 valuation methods. The EZbizPRICER 2.0 approach insures you that you are using valuation methods that are appropriate for the business involved.  

Transaction Structuring

Determine a Fair Price and Terms for the business - You can perform countless "What if" scenarios and calculate scores of possible transaction structures quickly and easily to determine a Fair Price.  It's not necessarily the price you pay that's most important but rather - it's the terms.  Make sure the business and you can afford the terms so the business can stay sold.

Fairness Test and Justification of Purchase Price
Make sure the business can afford to pay: 

  1. The acquisition debt service and 

  2. You a reasonable wage, 

  3. That your Rate of Return is commensurate with the risk involved.   This is a double check on whether or not the price is fair.

Designed to be used by non-financial professionals
Don't let the ease of use fool you - EZbizPRICER 2.0 is a powerful program designed for the business owner, business buyer or advisors who needs to know how to price and structure the sale of a company.  It is not designed to produce a 50 page report that CPAs, MBAs and other Consultants need in order to justify their multi-thousand dollar fees.

No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed and  EZbizPRICER uses 
Microsoft Excel™  so there isn't a new software program to learn.

Business Owners: 
Don't accept too little! Use EZbizPRICER to determine:  The most probable price and terms - The level of Seller Financing required, if any, to Maximize Value - What's the CASH price difference, if any? - How to increase value without increasing declared profits,

Should you be considering selling your business yourself - Create a Comprehensive Sale Prospectus or selling document using the fill in the blanks template found on the CD-ROM

Business Buyers: 

pay too much! Use EZbizPRICER to develop a fair price you can defend and with terms that will work.  Construct a deal where existing cash flows will cover your acquisition debt service, give you a reasonable return on your investment and compensation commensurate with your initial investment.  Use the Data Gathering form to assure you cover all the important bases.  Prepare a comprehensive SBA Loan Proposal with the fill in the blanks template provided.  Samples of both templates are in the Manual and on the CD-ROM.

Business Brokers and Real Estate Agents: 
EZbizPRICER to Calculate a Win-Win Price with Terms that will work. Develop a Professional Sale Prospectus or selling document using the fill in the blanks template found on the CD-ROM

Automatically Generates:
  • Reconstructed and Comparative Income and Expense Statements
  • Earnings Projections
  • Comparative Operating Ratio Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Capitalization Rate and Value Multipliers
  • Reconstructed Balance Sheet
  • Fair Market Value (including probable terms)
  • Fair Cash Value 
  • Transaction Structuring Templates
  • Fairness Testing Templates
  • Business Valuation and Transaction Structures appropriate to the 
     three size classifications of Private Companies

And you get the book "The Complete Guide to Business Valuation" when buying or selling a private company (a $75.00 value)

A business may be deemed worthless by one yet be worth millions to another!   
     Find out why with your own copy of “In and Out of Business . . . Happily.” 


Determine the right price for any private or family businesses (with sales between $100,000 and $50,000,000). Case studies illustrate why different buyers pay different prices and why size and organizational structure matter when determining business value. Explains why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory. Bound in a sturdy 3 ring binder for ease of reference.

Insider Information
        Costly traps to avoid when buying or selling all, or part of any business 

        Ten major reasons why buying or a selling a business is different than
        buying or selling anything  else you can imagine

        How applying this information puts you in control

        How to identify buyers willing to pay premium prices - How to identify a "Real Bargain"

        Non-financial elements that increase or decrease a business's value

        Buy or sell any business at the right price and terms

        Why financial information is generally of secondary importance when determining business value

        Discover negotiating strategies that produce win-win transactions

        Determine the optimum time to buy or sell any business

        Understand the impact transaction structure has upon value and how to minimize risk

"Have read many professional books on Mergers and Acquisitions 
but none have helped us as much as yours. 
It's a real honest book. It gave us the insights we needed 
to successfully acquirer smaller companies."

George M. Business Development Officer, Fortune 100 Company

Contained on CD-ROM and in the Manual:
- Step-by-step instructions on using EZbizPRICER
- Examples of a EZbizPRICER reports
Fill-in-the-blanks Sale Prospectus template 
- SBA Loan Proposal outline
- Comprehensive Data Gathering and Due Diligence Forms 

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