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on CD ROM with book of samples

All the documents needed
to Buy, Sell or Merge a Private company
are on this easy to use CD

Find the "just right" document, contingency or special wording quickly and easily

  • Save time and money

  • Use documents tested in thousands of negotiations world-wide

  • Separate documentation for  large, small and mid-size companies

     (Formerly known as BIZforms ~ since 1990)

The ONLY product of its kind
If you are involved in selling businesses - you will really appreciate this unique and comprehensive resource.  The program reflects experience gained in  THOUSANDS of  negotiations and more than twenty years of use.  Thousands of hours have been invested in development so that you will have the right document, wording, condition or contingency at your fingertips in minutes.  Imagine just how long it would take you to create just one of the contracts from scratch or imagine how much your attorney would have to charge you to do it for you.

Professional Documentation
DealMaker docs is an ideal resource for those either entering Business Brokerage or upgrading their existing practice. 

  • Entering Business Brokerage - In addition to all the forms and contracts you will ever need to sell a business the CD-ROM also contains - an Office Policy Manual, Independent Contractors Agreement, Co-Broke Agreement and the Business Brokerage Code of Ethics.

  •  Upgrading to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) - DealMaker docs has all the paperwork you require to do the larger deal using  M&A language and protocol. 

Separate Documentation for Small, Middle Market and M&A Transactions
Deal Maker docs addresses the changes that occur in documentation protocol as transaction size increases.  The documentation used to sell a "Main Street" coffee shop is not appropriate when transferring ownership of a Multi-Million Dollar manufacturing company.  Deal Maker docs covers it all with documentation appropriate to all levels of business - Main Street businesses through multi-million dollar M&A transactions.

The Contingencies and Special Wordings alone are worth the entire price.  
When you're in the heat of negotiations you don't have time to be creative developing language to cover that special situation or condition. DealMaker docs has special wording to cover most any situation.  Take a look at the
Contingencies and Special Wording Table of Contents   

Broker or Intermediary - How would you handle
Multiple Offers on the same business at the same time?  Were this event to occur you would want access to the right language quickly. How about special language that allows several buyers to proceed while the Seller reserves judgment and maintains control in safety.
Buyer - How can you be sure you are not stuck with bills or other liabilities of the Seller?  How can you make offers on two separate businesses safely (what if both accept your offer?).  How can you be sure your "Due Diligence" investigation has covered everything?

Who should use this program?

  • Accountants             

  • Business Owners

  • Business Buyers

  • Business Brokers

  • Business Intermediaries 

  • Business Advisors

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Consultants 

  • Financial Advisors 

  • Anyone who is or wants to be a Professional Deal Maker

  • Attorneys

What do you get?

  Sample of all documents in a sturdy 1 1/2 inch 3-ring binder (267 pages)
  Easy to use CD ROM  for Windows® 95 - 98 - NT - XP
  Documentation field tested in thousands of negotiations
  Fast and easy access to the "just right" document, language or contingency

"Deal Maker docs" are being used by 
Attorneys, Accountants, Business Brokers, Intermediaries  and Consultants 
on Every Continent in the World!

One hundred twenty two documents comprise all the forms, letters, checklists and closing documents you need to buy, sell or merge a private company. The software program contains: Purchase and Sale Agreements, Letters of Intent, Conditional Offers to Purchase, Due diligence check lists, Data gathering sheets, Letters of Authorization, Notes, Leases, Releases and much, much more. The sturdy 9" X 12" three ring binder contains a sample of all the documents found on the CD ROM.  Click here for table of contents that lists all 122 documents.

Simply insert the CD into your computer and access the documents using Windows Explorer.  You will easily customize the documents for your use using the powerful features of Microsoft Word or other Windows word processing software.  No need to learn a new software program as you can use your favorite program and integrate DealMaker docs documents into your existing document system. 

Save hundreds of hours in typing and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Suitable for use with both small and Middle Market businesses ( transaction size from Thousands to Multi-Millions). Sturdy 1 1/2" three ring binder with samples plus CD ROM -- List Price $345  

Special Offer - Save $50  Only  $295  
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