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Business Selling System's 

We Do It All Option
We do the work and you make the decisions

Hundreds of business owners from Maine to Florida, 
over to California
and most points in between
have benefited from this service.

We originally began by providing this service to our local clients. Subsequently we were asked to make the program available nationally to franchisees of one of the country's largest and oldest franchises (we had provided the service to more than thirty of their franchisees in our area). The franchisor recognized our program as a valuable resource for their franchisees. The benefits they saw that their franchisees would realize included:

  • Our method addressed the possible sale of a franchise in a logical and systematic multi step process that allowed their franchisee to be in control throughout 

  • Access valuable Pre-Sale intelligence without having to sign a "Listing Agreement"

  • Our report provide valuable insight as to:
                * Optimum price and transaction structure, 
                * Identification of the ideal buyer candidate, 
                * Value enhancement recommendations both long and short term

  • Prices we obtained for their franchisee's operations were consistently better than average 

  • Quality of the replacement franchisee was superior to usual replacement candidate

  • Franchise typically required less than three exposures to sell, most often only one exposure was required to sell a franchise

  • Essentially every franchisee who attempted a sale was successful and typically obtained an optimum price and an exceptional buyer

Our "We Do It All" program is split into three separate steps:

Step 1 Buyer Identification - Summary of Business Values   

An analysis and review of the company is conducted to determine the characteristics of the Right Buyer because, as you know, only the right buyer will pay the right price. The report illustrates why the different buyers will pay very different prices and what prices they are willing to pay. Identify those items and elements that impact value and that present an opportunity increase value prior to attempting a sale of the franchise. We typically generate a 35 to 50 page report written in shirtsleeve English, no MBA or CPA jargon.  We have been told that our reports provide the same pre-sale information Public companies expect yet Private companies require in order to make intelligent decisions.  

At the end of this first step franchise owners have: 

  • Decided to not sell at all, 

  • Chosen to implement recommendations and then sell, 

  • Confirmed the timeliness of selling and their satisfaction with likely price and terms and authorize the commencement of marketing efforts.

Step 2 - You have confirmed that a sale of your franchise is timely and have decided to proceed with a sale.  

The next steps are to:

  • Refine the characteristics or profile of your ideal buyer,

  • Ratify target price and terms,   

  • Identify lenders willing to provide acquisition financing for your buyer,

  • Review taxation consequences and understand how to best structure the sale,

  • Prepare marketing materials that fully describe your opportunity,

  • Compile a complete Due Diligence package

This step is the basically pulling all the loose ends together, creating marketing materials and preparing for "Due Diligence."  All of this must be completed before we attempt to attract your buyer.  We must be ready to close the sale before we begin to sell the business.  Our experience has taught us that very often your best offer and buyer are your first buyer.  Therefore it is fool hardy to begin selling effort until we are completely ready.


Steps 3 - Begin the search/Sell the business

Begin the actual selling process.  Write and place blind ads in the proper venues.  Interview buyer candidates, screen for proper profile and qualifications.  We consider our job is to find you a replacement CEO with the proper skills, education, background and finances with which to take your business to its next level.  Ideally we will be able to tell you everything of importance about your candidate before he/she knows it is your business that's for sale.

How do we get Paid?

We are paid a retainer for our work in parts one and two (You are still free to sell your business yourself and not owe a commission at this point).  Assuming you engage us to market your company we require no additional fees and are paid a commission based upon the sale price you receive.  This amount is paid at closing and the previously paid retainer is deducted from the commission. 

Give us a call for a quote on what  the retainer for your size and type business might be and to answer any questions you may have.

About our Network of Brokers and Intermediaries

How do You Know Who is Most Qualified to Sell Your Business?
ll brokers and brokerage firms are not alike.  Not all operate in the same "buyer pool" and levels of expertise and experience will vary extensively.  Our experience tells us that determining who is best qualified to represent you is only guess until the preliminary work has been completed i.e.; price and terms have been set, ideal buyer candidate qualifications and other criteria have been established.  The Business Selling System's Network of Brokers and Intermediaries are the top in their areas of expertise.  We will introduce you to the firm(s) best qualified to represent your size and type franchise and together we will begin the selling process.  

Our team of Brokers and Intermediaries have a success rate four times that of the business brokerage community.   You might ask: "Why are the Business Selling System Network's members so much more successful?"  The answer is simple, Preparation.  You are most likely familiar with the 7 Ps -- Proper Prior Preparation Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance -- well, therein lies the "secret" to our extraordinary level of success.  

In example, before the marketing effort is begun we have: 

  • Determined your optimum price and terms

  • Identified the characteristics of your ideal buyer

  • Positioned your business so that your acquirer will recognize the exciting opportunity your particular business represents

  • Have marketing materials written in the "voice" of your target acquirer

  • Compiled and prepared all necessary "Due Diligence" materials

  • Identified the transaction structure that minimizes taxation

  • Arranged for buyer's acquisition financing

We begin knowing exactly in which pool of buyers we will find yours.  We know how the different type of buyers think, what turns them on or off and how much they are likely to pay.  We also know not to put a price on your business!  The first one to mention price usually looses and we are out to win!  As a result, businesses we represent typically sell at or above your targeted price.  

Equally important are the facts revealed when we surveyed those who had purchased businesses through us over three years ago.  

  • All were still in business

  • All but one had increased revenues (that one expended his energies on a divorce instead)

  • Seventy five percent had more that doubled the business

Not only had we sold the business at optimum prices but the business, and therefore the employees, vendors and customers, had benefited also giving credence to the old adage - "Only the right buyer will pay the right price."  And, we might add, only the right buyer will be able to take the business to its next level.  

Employing the Business Selling System's disciplined approach produces Win, Win, Win results i.e.: 

  • The business owner obtains an optimum price, 

  • The new owner obtains an exciting opportunity, 

  • The employees, vendors and customers continue to enjoy benefits from the business


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