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Increase your effectiveness as a business broker with this unique "Practice Builder".   

How to 
Become the Best 
Business Broker in Town

How to sell essentially every listing you take (9+ of 10)

Created especially for Business Brokers, and others Selling Businesses



If you are presently a business broker or if you are considering entering the field then this information is for you.  Allow me to introduce myself and share a bit of how my business brokerage office changed from the typical office selling 1 of 5 to 1 of 7 listings to essentially selling them all!  That was fifteen years ago.  

My name is Ted Burbank and I began my business brokerage career late in 1979. Back then, and even today, business brokers accept a success rate of  14% to 25% in selling their listings as normal.  Yet you don't hear anyone bragging, "We sell 25% of our listings" even though that's about as good as it gets.

In the typical business brokerage office a business is 
listed with the expectation it will not be sold!

Let me share with you the catalyst for our transition from a typical business brokerage office where businesses are listed with the expectation that the majority will not be sold to one where essentially every listing is sold My wife and I were at a party and someone asked what I did for a living.  Quite a few people gathered around and I explained that I sold businesses.  After answering all the usual questions such as “What’s the best business to be in today?”  I still had an audience so I continued and pointed out that many entities sold businesses.  In fact Century 21 sold more businesses than any other organization.  I was quick to add that those numbers were purely a function of their size and not their effectiveness. 

For example if every other Century 21 office sold one business a year that might represent several thousand sales.  But – they sell less than one of twenty of their listings for an effectiveness rate less than a five percent.  Business brokers typically will sell one in five to seven of their listings.  However, (drum roll please) my office was successful in selling one in four of our listings.

The adulation and praise was short lived as on the drive home my wife asked “Is it true that you sell one of four listings?”  "Why yes indeed." I replied – my chest expanding with pride.  "Yes we do."

I was unprepared for her foundation shaking reply.  “You mean to say you only satisfy twenty five percent of your customers?”   Oh wow! I never looked at it that way.  What other professional has a success rate that low?  Perhaps a baseball pitcher’s batting average, but I couldn't think of anything else. I was really troubled and decided that we would find a way to improve our effectiveness. It’s not easy being married to an intelligent woman.

It took over a year for us to come up with the solution to the low effectiveness problem.  Our effectiveness rate went from twenty five percent to the high nineties and now I want to share with you just how we did it with this book and software package.  Oh, by the way, we also changed from "Free Based" to Fee Based practice - yes, everyone of our clients now pays us a retainer.  It was not our intention to change to charging fees but it turns out to be what our clients wanted, accept they didn't know it until they heard our presentation

"We were able to 
increase our Listing to Sale Ratio by a HUGE factor (almost 4 times) 
using the methods outlined in this program"

What the package contains:

Book:  Become the Most Effective Business Broker in Town - 232 pages of step by step instruction and examples to facilitate your becoming more effective selling businesses. Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • How the process evolved from Free Based to Fee Based

  • Lessons learned from Wall Street applied to Main Street

  • Why the business brokerage terms and language you use has to change

  • Presentation of services including a sample presentation

  • Types of buyers and what they might pay and why

  • How to identify and then find the "right buyer"

  • How to effectively match buyers with sellers

  • How to manage buyer and seller expectations

  • Tips and techniques in developing the report

  • Wealth creation strategies for small and mid size businesses that you can employ to expand your practice

  • and much more

Listing Presentation:  The book includes a word for word transcript of an actual presentation that results in prospective clients asking "How much will this service cost?"  That's right - you may never have to ask for a fee to obtain one.  


We knew we were on the right track when business owners began asking how much we charged.  Remember we did not start out wanting to collect fees.  Later, we learned we had to charge in order to obtain the client and, later still, we had to develop a formula to use to determine the correct amount to charge. We noticed we often would loose clients interest by not charging or by charging too little - seldom because we charged too much!


The presentation to contract ratio of my top people eventually leveled off at 2 to 1.  Yes, for every two presentations they would land one fee paying client!  The entire staff's (averaged 20) closing ratio, including the rookies, averaged 4 to 1.  In any event, our Fee Based closing ratio was better than was our Free Based one!


Software: Professional Advantage

Report Writer:   Software to produce our work product. The exact same software we developed and refined, over a fifteen year period, especially for our fee based practice.  The book provides you with the different buyers' rationales and motivations. The software crunches the numbers the same way buyers of small and mid size businesses will.  Our Report Writer software has been designed to be used by the Non-Financial Professional and is very easy to use.  Simply enter numbers into a template and the software will automatically:

  • Develop a comprehensive financial analysis of the business designed to provide a view of your client company's from the outside in   (An accountant would have to charge much more than the cost of our program for this feature alone)

  • Illustrate the price and terms different types of buyers would be willing to pay today and why (the range of values can be staggering)  

  • Show how much financing your seller would be expected to provide and, if they were to insist upon a cash price, what an all cash price might be  

  • Identify the best type of buyer to attract as well as the type(s) of buyers you should avoid.  

  • Transaction Structuring Model – Allows you to compute “what if” scenarios by changing down payments, interest rates or terms etc and calculate your ROI and Fairness Testing so you can get back to the negotiating table quickly

Don't let the ease of use fool you.  This is very powerful software and an exceptional tool that is highly valued and used by MBAs, CPAs and other financial professionals all over the world. With our software you'll be able to present your client's business in a most professional way.  This alone can increase the perception of the value of  the business and the price you can get for it.  

Document Pack:  The CD-ROM includes all the documentation that has been designed especially for use with our unique Three Step Process. This family of documents is not available anywhere else.  


Business Owners, their attorneys and accountants love our three step approach.  In fact, when we  launched our "Take an Advisor to Lunch" campaign to familiarize attorneys, accountants and others in the "Deal Stream" with our new process.  The most common reaction was "How else would you do it?"  When we explained the typical business broker's approach their usual response was "Not with my clients."  


Examples of forms, letters etc included are:

Additions to Listing Agreement                        Authorization to Commence Marketing

Authorization to Disclose Information               Authorization to Sell

Business Profile                                               Business Profile - Long

Biz Valuation Agreement - 1                            Biz Valuation Agreement - 2

Consulting Agreement                                      Corporate Resolution

Corporate Rider to Marketing Agreement        Corporate Rider

Equipment List                                                 Fee Agreement

Financial Advisory Agreement                          Financial Advisory Agreement - Long

Finders Fee Agreement                                    List of Creditors

Listing Agreement                                            Listing Agreement - Real Estate

Listing Checklist                                               Marketing Agreement

Marketing Agreement - 2                                 Marketing Fee & Commission Agreement

Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement                    Mutual Release

Release From Marketing Agreement                 Report Acceptance

Required Information                                        Secure Funding Agreement

Seller Release                                                   Training Agreement

Three Sample Reports:  The sample reports will help you as you create reports of your own.  The samples include retail, service and manufacturing/distribution businesses representing small, medium and large private companies.  Having completed reports to review facilitates a fast track understanding of  why your work will be extremely valuable to your client.  The first sample is an example of a basic report - The retainer collected, $1,500  The second and third reports are essentially the same but with more research and customization - The retainers collected, $5,000 and $25,000


Marketing Tools:  Sample solicitation letters, post cards, flyers and brochure for you to adapt to your use in marketing your services are also available for your customization on the CD-ROM.


Everything you need to become more effective selling businesses is provided in this package.  The combination of our books, software and examples will help you understand and, of equal if not more importance, believe in the value of your services


How much does "Become the Best Business Broker in Town" program cost?
That's the wrong question.  The more important questions are:

  • How much more MONEY will you be able to earn by selling essentially all of your listings?  

  • How many hours will you save by not trying to sell uncooperative seller's businesses?

  • How much better will it be to be paid for all that you do

  • How many more referrals will you receive from bankers, accountant, lawyers and others by employing a 
    more professional approach to selling their clients/friends businesses?

But Wait --  There's More!


Bonus Book - FREE

It will help you to Become the Valuable Professional  You Want to Be

Plus, enjoy additional income sources 

 "Wealth Building Exit Strategies for Owners of Private Companies" 

or, Are you Creating Wealth or Just Making Money?  

It's Hard to Find a Good Business to Sell

Surveys indicate that approximately 20% of business owners are considering selling their company.  Only 5% (less in a bad economy) have decided to sell and, as you know, the majority of them have waited too long; allowed the business to decline and have little left to sell.

How many time have you wished you could have gotten to these business owners sooner?  The information in this book can get you into the game while the company still has value and is growing.  Add several additional arrows to your quiver; it will no longer only be "let me sell your business."

Assist Business Owners With Their Exit Strategies

Become involved as the business owner begins preparing to exit his/her company.  Only you can bring the Marketplace Realities to the planning sessions. You will provide Private business owners with the same valuable marketplace intelligence Investment Bankers provide Public Companies.  Scores of advisors, books and articles are available to help a Private business owner increase profitability with few if any resources focusing upon increasing value.  Your expertise (enhanced by the information in this book) can be that resource.  


Become a Valuable Asset to Business Owners

You know the marketplace better than any other exit strategy advisor.  The book will open your eyes to just how valuable your experience and expertise, enhanced by the information the book provides, can be to business owners.  Some of the wonderful expertise you will be able to share:  

  • How to keep the business in the family even when no family member is qualified or willing to replace the founder

  • How to DOUBLED THEIR VALUATION in less than one year.

  • Why the value of a business with earnings of $100,000 can range from a hundred thousand dollars to 

  • Why a simple graph can add more than $100,000 to a business's sale price

  • How to Identify Profile of their Ideal Acquirer 

  • The role of seller financing and value attainment - Calculate the difference between Price with and without a component of seller financing

  • How to Sell the Business Without Anyone Knowing It's For Sale

The book illustrates why individual motivations and perspectives may be more important than “the numbers” when making value and buy/sell decisions. This is the only resource of its kind. Based on marketplace experience, not theory. 


Give us a call if you still are unsure or have any questions or concerns - Call toll free 1 888-556-8118 

Yes  We do offer a "No Questions Asked" Guarantee 



What you will receive


Hard Copy


Book - How to Become the Best Business Broker in Town  (232pages)



Professional Advantage Software



Part #1 - Report Writer Software - Financial expertise not required   Creates  report of fifty pages


Part #2 - Document Pack (complete set of all forms, contracts etc. needed to operate our unique system)


Part #3 - 3 Sample Reports 


Part #4 - Marketing Tools - Letters, postcards etc


Combined Total

370.00 295.00
Add FREE Bonus Book
Wealth Building Exit Strategies for Owners of Private Companies
75.00 Value 55.00 Value

Total Value

$445.00 $350.00

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Total Savings

-150.00 -115.00

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"Wealth Building Exit Strategies for Owners of Private Companies" @ $75.00 includes Shipping


"Wealth Building Exit Strategies for Owners of Private Companies" @  $55.00

Both Books Plus Professional Advantage Software
How to Become the Best Business Broker in Town Plus
Professional Advantage Software and Bonus - Book Wealth Building Exit Strategies @ 295.00
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How to Become the Best Business Broker in Town Plus
Professional Advantage Software and Bonus - Book Wealth Building Exit Strategies @ 235.00
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Bonus - We will mail you a CD containing both books and Professional Advantage Software


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