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Your Complete Guide  to  Buying the 
Right Business the Right Way

Find and Buy Your Ideal Business and Pay a Fair Price

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Ted Burbank and in 1979 I established the first business brokerage office to serve central New England.  I managed a staff that averaged twenty plus individuals that included; CPAs, MBAs, Attorneys, a Wall Street Investment Banker and others, most of whom had business ownership experience. 

We represented a unique team and together we sold more than two thousand businesses.  We learned a tremendous amount in the process and from each other.  The book and software offered here is a distillation of the experience and knowledge gained in that process.

The Complete Guide is based upon experience gained in 
the actual purchase of more than two thousand businesses!

I originally produced and assembled this book and software especially for first time business buyers but many financial professionals, business brokers, intermediaries and advisors to entrepreneurs have purchased the program and found it of benefit in their practices.  I made sure, however, that the Buying Guide's software could be used by non-financial and financial professionals alike to assure the program would benefit the most people.

The Business Buying Guide's software consists of  several interactive components that cover the entire acquisition process from start to finish. Applying the "Insider Information" this package provides can save  you thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees plus save you hundreds of hours reviewing inappropriate businesses or companies that are not right for you. The Business Buying Guide is designed to make process of buying a business simple and safe.  

Use the Business Buying Guide and

no one will ever believe you are buying your first business.

Here's what is included in the Business Buying Guide

"The Complete Guide to Buying Your Ideal Business and Paying a Fair Price"

Profit from the experience and insight gained in negotiating more than two thousand business transfers.  This practical guide, written in understandable "shirt sleeve" language, simplifies a very complex subject.  The book focuses upon the motivations and perceptions that drive a sale and the software "crunches the numbers."  Case studies and examples are provided to illustrate every major point.

Notice the title is not Buying a Business Made Easy.  If we learned anything in the process of selling two thousand businesses it is that buying a business is not easy.  In fact it is probably going to be one of the most difficult things you have ever attempted to do. Why is buying a business so difficult?  The short answer is that the rules for buying/selling a business differ from those for selling essentially anything else you can imagine.  

Perhaps these three examples will illustrate:

  • Business owners would constantly tell us that they didn't want people to know their business was for sale. 

  • Most business buyers would confide they were unsure of exactly what type business they wanted to buy. They could tell us what they didn't want and, as with art, would know the right business when they saw it. 

  • When it comes to price, if you ask twelve people what a business is worth you will probably get as many answers.  

To summarize. Sellers don't want you to know what they are selling is for sale.  "Don't let anyone know my business is for sale but sell it quickly."  

Buyers want to buy something but they don't know what it is. 

Both want a fair price (whatever that might be).  

Seven additional differences are explained in the book with instruction on how to turn these differences to your advantage.

The Business Buying Guide was assembled to address and solve these issues and many others as well.  

For example, one of the first issues addressed is How to Identify Your Ideal Business.  We have devoted an entire chapter to this subject and developed a matrix for you to use as you screen businesses for suitability.  This foundational part of your quest is critically important to your success not only in finding your ideal business but your success after the purchase as well.

The book 'The Complete Guide to Buying Your Ideal Business and Paying a Fair Price" walks you through the Business Buying Process one step at a time.   Each major point is illustrated with case studies of an actual sales. 

Some of the tips and insider information  illustrated in "The Complete Guide"

  • Identify businesses that fit you.  Ideally businesses that have "All the Right Things Wrong" with them 

  • Quickly eliminate businesses that do not fit your personality or fail to meet your income needs

  • How to find a business to buy that's not for sale (estimates of the number of business owners who are considering sale but are not yet listed with a broker range between twenty and forty percent). 

  • Three questions to ask so you don't waste time and money reviewing businesses that don't "fit" you or your lifestyle - cut right to the quick without offending either the seller nor the sellers advisors

  • Ask the four key questions used by the Pros to determine profitability before seeing " the books" - Save hundreds of hours and perhaps thousands of dollars in professional fees analyzing businesses that either: 
    a) will not support your lifestyle or b) you cannot afford to purchase.

  • Learn how to determine the real profits of any business, especially cash businesses, using methods employed by the Internal Revenue Service and savvy business buyers

  • Avoid pitfalls and common mistakes that most first time buyers make that can cost you dearly 

  • Learn negotiation techniques that produce win-win results

  • Where to obtain the best advice (and it's usually free)

  • Determine a proper price and transaction structure for purchasing the business.

  • Ask all the right questions of the seller without aggravating him or her

  • How to obtain all the important documentation and information up front

  • Analyze the collected data as would a financial professional

  • Structure Win-Win Offers and Counter-Offers quickly and confidently  


Business Pricing and Transaction Structuring Software

Business Pricing and Transaction Structuring Software 
for Small to Middle Market Companies


Size does matter 
One size does not fit everyone; and neither does one approach to business valuation.  That's why the program produces values, transaction structures and fairness testing for the three size categories of private businesses - all at the same time.  The three Size and Business Structure categories can be briefly described as follows:

  • Middle Market -- Generally Private companies with well defined Corporate structure and earnings in the low millions

  • Mid-Size -- Private companies with Corporate structure developing.  Owner has delegated many management functions to others - earnings typically from $250,000 to the early Millions.

  • Main Street -- Commonly referred to as "Mom and Pop" - Business owner wears essentially all the hats - Earnings usually under $250,000

15 valuation methods
Yes, the program simultaneously produces three business valuations (one for each of the three groups) using 15 valuation methods. This approach insures you are using valuation methods that are appropriate for the business type and size involved.

Don't pay too much! 
the Business Buying Guide's Pricing software to develop a fair price you can defend and with terms that will work.  Construct a deal where existing cash flows will cover your acquisition debt service, give you a reasonable return on your investment and compensation commensurate with your initial investment.  Use the Data Gathering form to assure you cover all the important bases.  

Transaction Structuring

Determine a Fair Price and Terms for the business - You can perform countless "What if" scenarios and calculate scores of possible transaction structures quickly and easily to determine a Fair Price.  It's not necessarily the price you pay that's most important but rather - it's the terms or how you pay it that really mattersMake sure the business can afford the purchase price terms so the business can stay sold.

Business Buying Guide's Transaction Structuring software helps you analyze counter offers for fairness and "get back to the table" with a proposal you can defend quickly and confidently.

Fairness Test and Justification of Purchase Price
Make sure the business can afford to pay: 

  • The acquisition debt service and 

  • You a reasonable wage, 

  • That your Rate of Return is commensurate with the risk involved 
    This is a double check on whether or not the price is fair.

Designed to be used by non-financial professionals
Don't let the ease of use fool you - this is a powerful program designed for the business owner, business buyer or advisors who needs to know how to price and structure the sale of a company.  

No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed and the program uses Microsoft Excel™  so there isn't a new software program to learn.

The software is designed to be easy to use.  Simply enter one page of data from tax returns or accounting statements, answer a few questions and make some decisions and the software does the rest.  It couldn't be easier or more simple.  The program, although years in development, will provide you with a comprehensive valuation and pricing structures in minutes.  

Enter one page of data, push a button and the program has calculated:

  • A Fair Price and Terms for the business - You can perform countless "What if" scenarios and calculate scores of possible transaction structures quickly and easily to determine a Fair Price 

  • Fairness Test and Justification of Purchase Price Calculations - Make sure the business can afford the price, and that your Rate of Return is commensurate with the risk involved - this is a double check on whether or not the price is fair.

  • Comprehensive Ratio Analysis with explanations - Scores of ratios are calculated by Business Buyer's Tool Kit's software along with an explanation of what each ratio means, why it is important and how it is calculated

Business Buying Guide's software will also generate:

  • Comparative Income Statements and Balance Sheets 

  • Risk Analysis Reviewer ~ Checks out factors other than "the numbers"

  • Graphs to visually view key factors 

  • Pro-forma projections of profitability under your management - Easy and straightforward calculation that employ the scores of  historic operating ratios generated by the program.

  • Cash Flows and working capital requirements - Make sure you will have adequate reserves and money to grow your new business

Business Buying Guide's Transaction Structuring software helps you analyze counter offers for fairness and "get back to the table" with a proposal you can defend quickly and confidently.

Hard copy sample of an actual case study included for reference

"The right tools can make you an expert"

Easy to use - No new programs to learn

The Business Buying System's programs are in either Microsoft Excel workbook format or Microsoft Word doc format.  You need not know Excel to use the program.  The forms, checklists etc are in Microsoft Word doc file format and as such can readily be imported into most any word processing program if you are not using Word.  No need to learn a new software program to start using Business Buying Guide right away.  Yes, an operating manual is included but, because the program is so intuitive, you probably will not use it.

  • Sample Business Analysis

  • Sample Business Valuation

  • Sample Transaction Structure

Buy a Business Tool Kit

Everything you need to make a deal, obtain financing with samples and examples of actual purchases to guide you  

Forms, Checklists and Contracts plus Special Contingencies and Language on the CD-ROM

All the documents required to buy a business safely ~ Forms, Letters, Contracts and Checklists all ready to be used as is or customized by you.  All documents have been field tested in several thousand negotiations.  All documents are designed to protect you fully during and after negotiations are completed.  

Forms, checklists, letters of understanding and the like are considered mundane by many.  We can assure you they are vitally important in many subtle and not so subtle ways.  In the interest of brevity, consider the possible cost of an oversight caused by the lack of a comprehensive Due Diligence Checklist.  How will you be assured all bills are paid when you take possession?  What protection will you have should unpaid bills arise after the sale?  The "mundane" Forms, Checklists and Contracts Section of the Business Buyer's Tool Kit addresses these and many other issues automatically.

Some of the forms and checklists:

  • Preliminary Checklist to assist in clearly defining the business that will be right for you. This checklist alone can save you from spending countless hours and thousands of dollars as you search for the "Right Business."

  • Business Profile data gathering workbook - Covers all of the questions that must be answered to avoid costly oversights - make sure you cover all the bases.

  • Due diligence checklist covers:
    a) all areas of concern to be investigated and checked - 
    b) All the documents that must be collected (in addition to Tax Returns) before a price is finalized and a sale consummated.

  • Forms and letters for use in negotiating the purchase of the business safely ~ Samples in the book illustrate usage and all are on the CD ROM ready to be used as is or customized for a special situation.

  • Sample wording for contingencies to protect you in those special or unusual situations that may occur.

Business Buying System's family of documents proceed through the Offer, Counter Offer, Due Diligence, Negotiation, Problem Solving, Financing and Final Close with YOU in CONTROL throughout the process.  Deal Master's documentation is designed so you can SAFELY STOP the process at any time up to the preparation of the final documents. YOU STAY in CONTROL and YOUR DEPOSIT is SAFE until you call a stop or the deal is done.  Hard copy Samples included for reference.

"Loan Proposal Generator" on the Buy a Business Tool Kit CD

The Loan Proposal Generator portion of the System  is unique in that it automatically creates a Loan Proposal based upon actual Banker's lending criteria and presents the data in the format the Lender's like to see making it easy for a lender to say yes to your loan request. 

You can structure your offer with confidence and present yourself as a savvy business person to the seller and the seller's advisors.  Sample Loan Package included for reference.

Special Bonus ~ Buy a Business Tool Kit's Loan Proposal Generator contains a section that will facilitate your contact  with the most competitive lenders willing to "do your deal" at the best available rate. Run a possible transaction by the lenders before you make an offer to determine: 

  • What the lenders will consider a Fair Price

  • What down payment will be required of you 

  • How much bank financing is available and at what rate 

  • The Amount of seller financing that may be required

Owning "Buy a Business Tool Kit" is like having your very own CPA, MBA, Financial Advisor, Banker and Business Intermediary on CD-ROM.  Calculate scores of sophisticated ratios to thoroughly analyze the business.  Develop a fair price and transaction terms that will work.  Investigate the Business with the same tools used by the IRS and savvy business buyers. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in professional fees by doing the calculations and assembling financial and other information into a concise report for your advisors to review.  Proper use of you professional advisors is simplified with Business Buying System .  

 "Your accountant would have to charge you many times
the cost of this package for the ratio and business analysis alone"

In Addition - Samples and Examples

Samples and examples put you on a fast track to understanding the several sophisticated reports the "Buy a Business Tool Kit" software programs generate.  Having completed reports to review will make developing reports for the businesses you target so very much easier to do and understand.  

  • Sample Business Analysis

  • Sample Business Valuation

  • Sample Transaction Structure

  • Sample SBA Loan Proposal

How much does the "Business Buying Guide" cost?
To compare value, please consider the following: 

  • An accountant would have to charge you $1,000 (and maybe more) just to place a rough estimate of the sale price of a business you may wish to buy.  This could become quite expensive if you review several businesses

  • A basic Business Valuation similar to what you will produce yourself with the EZbizPricer software will generally cost between $1,500 and $15,000 or more depending on the size and complexity of the business being valued

  • Expect to pay an accountant $2,500 or more for the comprehensive financial analysis that the Business Analysis software program produces

  • SBA Loan Proposal Generator will save you the hundreds of dollars an accountant would charge or save you scores of hours were you to attempt to produce the SBA loan proposal on your own

  • Document Pack will save you money two ways: 
    1) Avoid excessive legal fees 
    2) Make sure that all the protections possible are included and that you are in control of the business buying process from start to close

  • Just one mistake made because you didn't have the book "Buying a Business Made Easier" to guide you could cost thousands or even worse - prevent you from buying the business that would have been perfect for you.

With these costs in mind, you can readily see where the "Buy a Business Tool Kit" (Books and Software) is worth much more than its selling price. 

"Those who are serious about buying a business will purchase this Tool Kit 
and wonder why the price is so low." 


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The Complete Guide to Buying Your Ideal Business and Paying a Fair Price

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EZbizPRICER - Software Business Pricing Transaction Structuring Software for the Non-Financial Executive


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